Tiny Kitchen Tips

Here’s the thing:

Kitchens are one of the most essential parts of a home. It is considered as any home’s heart. Why? Because this is the area where most families gather since they cook and have a sumptuous meal here. So, having an inviting kitchen is a must for any residence. 

However, not everyone knows how to decorate their kitchens correctly, especially if it is only a tiny space. This is where we come in to help you out. So, we came up with a list of small kitchen tips to improve the look and design of your kitchenette. Want to learn about them? Then keep on reading!

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Tiny Kitchen Tips

1. Opt for an Open Kitchen

One of the most effective ways to enlarge your tiny kitchen is to opt for an open kitchen design. A small space can give this feeling of being in a claustrophobic area. But, on the other hand, opening this space up gives the illusion that it is more spacious than it seems. 

Living rooms are usually connected to the kitchen. Thus, one method to make an open space kitchen is to remove the partition between the living room and the kitchen. You might think that this will create a messy appearance, but you will be surprised by how neat an open kitchen looks. 

2. Avoid Having Clutter

A tiny kitchen looks smaller because of all the unnecessary objects placed on tables and counters. The reason for this is that high-touch spaces are being covered by items that are not often used. As a result, the areas are not utilized, and they become useless instead. So, decluttering by storing your items inside cabinets and shelves is the best way to solve this. 

Now, if you still haven’t created storage spaces like kitchen cabinets, some companies can do this for you. For example, Legacy Kitchens even does custom kitchen designs for tiny unique rooms. For more information about them and their services, contact them today. And for items that you frequently used, you do not have to store them inside the cabinetry. Instead, you can place some vertical shelving units that can keep them. 

3. Choose the Right Furniture and Fixtures

Having appropriate-sized furniture and fixture will make or break it for your small kitchen. See, if your space is tiny, placing bulky furniture will make your area cramped. Therefore, what you should do is to use light and simple pieces of furniture. 

Not many people know this, but the combination of natural and fluorescent lighting can majorly affect the atmosphere of your space. What’s more, it can also make your kitchen look more expansive if you use the correct combo. In line with this, we highly suggest using more natural lighting by opening up big windows. You can also add more fluorescent lights with simple fixtures attached to them. 

4. Freshen Up the Walls

Another thing you can do to expand your tiny kitchen is to repaint your walls. This might sound weird, but believe us, it’s effective. All you have to do is to brush your walls with light-colored colored paint. Of course, this will make your area look big. But if you prefer to use a bright color, that is also okay. Just make sure to only apply it on the accent wall and keep the other walls plain white.