What to Consider When Hiring a Whistleblower Lawyer?

What to Consider When Hiring a Whistleblower Lawyer?

When selecting the ideal whistleblower lawyer for you, the internet may be a useful resource. Be aware, however, that many websites exaggerate the success of legal firms in representing whistleblowers. Websites that have been created by lawyers are referral companies. Target whistleblowers are also possible.

Finding a Whistleblower Lawyer

How do you pick a whistleblower attorney? This is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself if you’ve discovered wrongdoing and have decided to protect yourself by reporting it. Whistleblowers are heroic individuals who risk their lives and careers to expose fraud, corruption, and greed. They can be difficult and are time-consuming.

Be mindful of this while choosing a whistleblower counsel, whether for a qui tam case or a whistleblower action against the SEC, CFTC, or IRS. Learn more about SEC enforcement and regulatory.

Whistleblower Cases are a Success

It is important to verify that the lawyer has the experience and expertise necessary to handle the whistleblower case. Some legal firms boast that they have won large cases but fail to disclose whether the cases are whistleblower cases. Ask for examples of past successes.

The Lawyer’s Expertise

Websites of lawyers and law firms can appear to represent whistleblowers. Their expertise lies elsewhere. Additionally, whistleblower regulations such as the False Claims Act or Dodd-Frank can be complex and could make your case unfavorable.

Lists of Whistleblowers Cases

Does the law firm have any evidence that whistleblower complaints were taken to court and prosecuted? Although some companies may offer sample cases of whistleblowers, they are not their own.

Do you refer to a law office or a referral agency?

Websites created by referral firms appear to be legal businesses. These companies collect cases and then offer them to law offices who will pay a fee. You need to ensure that your lawyer will handle your qui-tam case. Check the website for the names and contact information of any lawyers. If there are no names of individual lawyers, it is most likely a referral agency and not a legal company. A physical address is another warning sign. It is most likely a referral agency if the website doesn’t have an address or a mailbox number.


Lawyers from all over the country can represent whistleblowers. An attorney may be interested in representing you. They will recommend that you pay for your travel expenses to meet with them.

Experience working with the U.S. DOJ and SEC, CFTC, and the IRS

Participation by the government in court proceedings can dramatically increase whistleblower action in qui tam. The government’s involvement in whistleblower cases submitted to the CFTC or IRS is entirely under the control of the relevant agency. Find out more about the previous efforts of the legal firm to get the government involved in whistleblower lawsuits and the results.

Finch McCranie compliance investigation lawyer provides the benefit of the entire whistleblower group’s decades of experience and judgment. It includes a decade as DOJ’s chief executives. The SEC is also known for its long-standing record of representing whistleblowers in a wide range of matters. In addition, it has established relationships with both judges and government officials.


Whistleblower cases can be costly and time-consuming. If multiple lawyers are required to attend simultaneously, legal firms should have additional lawyers on hand. In addition, legal firms should pay out-of-pocket costs to hire experts to assist whistleblowers and, in certain cases, legal expenses.