Top Commercial Interior Design Ideas in 2021 and Beyond

Top Commercial Interior Design Ideas in 2021 and Beyond

2020 brought turmoil to everyone and every industry, especially for restaurants, movie theaters, bars, real estate, offices, retail stores, and even dental clinics. As the authorities adjusted health regulations throughout the year, forcing people to stay at home, many have shifted to new ways of working and living. But the good news is, we’ve come a long way, especially with the vaccines.

The COVID crisis profoundly dominated the year 2020, including the trends we were expecting to see. However, businesses should not let the coronavirus guidelines and considerations affect the elements, which play a vital role in cultivating an effective and engaging environment for their employees and customers.

While the pre-COVID situation isn’t back yet, here are some commercial interior design ideas you could incorporate into your commercial space, which can also be your forever interior design even after the pandemic is gone.

Commercial Space Interior Design Ideas for 2021

Provision for a Video Conferencing Space and Resource

Because more staff are working remotely due to the ongoing restrictions, video conferencing technology is the key to communication and collaboration. So, the working environment should adapt to this change to accommodate needed equipment such as cameras, computers, screens, etc. 

Custom Wall Murals

Whatever industry you belong to, creating a custom wall mural can elevate a space from drab and lifeless to lively and motivating instantly. Plus, they allow story-telling and branding opportunities. If you wish to attract your workforce and keep them motivated, especially in these times of pandemic, personalized wall murals can improve their performance by lifting their mood.

Custom Furniture

An ideal workspace is not only about installing reception desks but goes beyond putting furniture. Your workplace is a reflection of your business’s brand and values. Your interior design becomes a powerful communication to express your character and brand image to your customers, as well as your employees. As for your staff who spend a lot of time in the office, they need a working space with interior designs that boosts happiness, morale, and loyalty. 

Aside from matching your furniture with your budget, ensure that they suit your interior design’s theme, employees’ needs, and the company brand. You can buy second-hand furniture, or use previous ones that you used before that are in good condition. A reputable and talented designer can give them a creative makeover into treasured pieces. For example, your designer can transform your office’s waiting area into a fun but functional space for your clients, like IDS Kids stools and benches.

Play Area for Customers and Employees

Your office is more than just a space for your employees to work in. Instead, make it a home away from home for your hardworking employees. Like an ideal home, it should be comfortable, creative, and inspiring that people enjoy being in. Though other big offices have a kitchen, wellness room, or phone rooms, you don’t need to provide them if your office is small and you’re on a budget. The most important thing is they have a separate room from the main workspace that clients and visitors enter where they can take a rest comfortably, chat with their colleagues, or play with their phones during breaks.

Your clients or customers are the backbones of your business. So, provide a comfortable area to satisfy them, making them want to return. If you are a pediatric clinic, you can install a game area for children to help reduce their anxiety and fears. Or perhaps ask your designers to create a space with a unique and exciting background where your clients can take instagrammable photos. If you want to try this and are looking for photo op solutions, you might want to check out IDS Kids. They have a team of talented designers and artists who have been creating custom-themed interiors for commercial spaces. 


Even if your company is small, it’s always best to engage an experienced professional designer to achieve what you want and need. Be honest with them about your budget, so they can find ways to make your office productive and comfortable for both customers and employees.