Is Wall Plastering Important to Your House? Here Are Reasons Why

Is Wall Plastering Important to Your House? Here Are Reasons Why

If you intend to make your home look better while keeping its stability, you might consider plastering its walls and ceilings. Besides, the amount of care and effort you put in to decorate and enhance every corner of your house will mirror your character. By plastering your house’s walls and corners, you are basically improving its splendor and look.

Going back to the ancient Egyptians, plaster was the go-to building and construction material before we had drywall. As we go further, we will talk about the importance of wall plastering and why it’s becoming one of the hottest trends in houses.

Five Reasons to Plaster Your Walls

Plaster can be made from gypsum or limestone. These materials are mined, cooked, and grounded in powder. Additives like marble or sand are included in the powder to provide different colors and textures to the resulting plaster. After mixing water with the powder, it becomes a paste, which is covered to the wall using a trowel.

Some individuals might believe paint and coat make the aesthetic appeals of their walls, and they tend to neglect the significance of plaster. We will talk about some of the important reasons that will make you change your mind.

1. Easy Application

Wall plastering is easy and less complicated to set up, and that is one great reason to have it done on your walls. Unlike drywall, it does not create a heap of dust when cut and sanded. Specialists can finish applying this in a short amount of time because plastering does not require multiple coats and dries quicker than the typical coating and painting. If you intend to refurbish your house and want it to be carried out in a shorter duration, plastering companies like Evoke in London can do the job easily.

2. Appealing appearance

In terms of looks, plastering can stand on its own and not look weird or boring. Getting your walls plastered lets you have full control of your home’s style. Plasters might appear in varying appearances. It can go from simple to fancy depending upon your tastes.

Venetian, Marmorino metallic, Lucidato, Stone-look, and Stucco are among the top five popular polished plaster finishes of all time. Leading among the stated list, Venetian originated from the Italian artisans of Venice. They upgraded the plastering procedures to a style of art and innovated the popular plaster we regard today. You may go to the websites or offices of the best Venetian polished plaster in Wimbledon to learn more about marble plastering.

3. Durability

The sturdiness of polished plaster has been tested for centuries. It might be created as an ornamental feature without a coat of paint or wallpaper; it can hold its color for years and decades without fade or peel, even if exposed to sunlight and water. It is unprotected like a stone wall is, but its sturdiness is something even the professionals applaud about it. If you are a fan of durable things, you might consider contacting marble plaster suppliers near you to get the work done on your home’s walls or corners.

4. Flexibility

Whether it’s Venetian or Stucco plaster, both are flexible and can create a natural-looking finish, putting in detailed texture and depth to any surface. Whether an existing plaster wall or a new one, cement boards, bricks, or stones, it can be applied to several types of surfaces. You have nothing to stress over when it comes to polished plaster’s adaptability.

5. Pollution-Free

As mentioned above, polished plaster can be made of natural elements like marble dust or slaked slime. Utilizing it in your home is a simple method to “go green” because the components are natural and free of any chemicals that might contaminate your home’s air. Plaster enhances indoor air quality when applied in a layer of two or three veneers.