Cleaning Your Glass Bong: Several Steps to Take

Cleaning Your Glass Bong: Several Steps to Take

The resin gradually builds over time when weed is smoked in a glass water pipe known as a bong. This residue adheres to the surfaces of the glass. If the gummy substance becomes too thick, the bong will no longer be usable. Additionally, it discolors the water and diminishes the flavor of cannabis. This article describes how to keep your smoking equipment clean, effective, and smelling fresh to maximize your cannabis smoking experience.

Remove the bowl and stem.

The weed from a dispensary that offers cannabis delivery service should be placed in the bowl and stem. This part may be removed, making it much simpler to clean the bong. When pouring water into a bong, the bowl should not get wet.

Empty the old water.

Because bong water is resinous and dense, it is recommended not to dump it down the sink. Pour it into the trash if you have a sealed trash bag, or pour it into a sealed container to dispose of it. You can dispose of bong water outside but not irrigate plants. The same pathogens and fungi that could potentially damage you will also harm your plants.

Place the bong in a zip-top bag.

It should be possible to confine the mess with a gallon-sized bag. If you don’t have a zip-top bag, perform the following steps in a garbage bag or over the sink. Caution is advised, as the bong resin may attach to the sink’s walls.

Fill the bong with isopropyl alcohol.

Pour alcohol into the water pipe that you obtained from a service that also offers cannabis delivery in Welland. Use 16 ounces of alcohol, which is plenty to fill the bong halfway. Pour isopropyl into the bong as an alternative. The alcohol substitutes vinegar and baking soda.

Fill the bong halfway with salt.

This salt aids in removing resin from the interior of the bong through a gentle scrubbing process. The alcohol cleans the bong reasonably well. However, the salt eliminates any accumulation from the bong’s sides. Use a sufficient quantity of salt to guarantee that the resin can be removed.

Shake the bag.

This could get messy, so seal the bag and shake the alcohol and salt mixture about the inside of the bong. Ensure that all of the chambers of a percolator bong are filled with your concoction. Several inversions of the bong are required to ensure that all crevices are infused.

Allow 30 minutes for it to soak. 

Allow the alcohol mixture to settle for approximately 30 minutes with the bong. This step is not always necessary, depending on how unclean you’ve let your bong become, but soaking it increases the effectiveness of the alcohol in cleaning your glass bong.


Remove the pipe and throw away the bag. Here’s why the bag is essential: you may simply seal the bag containing dirty bong water and dispose of it. This removes the resin mess from the sink.

Rinse the bong with warm water and soap.

Since alcohol is flammable, removing the alcohol and salt from the bong before using it is best. Use dish soap and warm water to remove residual oil from the glass.

Soak the bowl and stem in alcohol to clean them.

Use a pipe cleaner to clear any resin deposits from the stem. Before loading cannabis from a shop that offers Fort Erie weed delivery, rinse it thoroughly with hot water and let it dry.


Unlike cleaning your room or doing the dishes, cleaning your glass pipe or bong consistently is mandatory. Not only is smoking from a dirty pipe disgusting, but you may also be inhaling tar or altering the taste of your buds. Therefore, you must clean your bong properly if you want to taste your weed and all of its terpenes every time you smoke instead of stale bong water.