I’m Mark.

I am the face behind markscfl blog, I am a fan of CFL that is why.

I have nearly 3 years of blogging experience.

My site is about anything and everything under the sun. I cover classes from sports, technology, useful suggestions, health, business and much more.

I was always getting questions from a community about various industry and topics and that is how I began my blogging career.

I have a background in Sports and Web research, and I enjoyed the learning & development facet of my career. I loved putting together training material, and introducing courses to others. I also have always been a creative person. Thus, it makes complete sense that I teach other people to blog through creating online conent, courses, advice, and training materials.

I talk virtually all topics from my own blogging. I share everything that’s working for me and what is not. I discuss these details to help my readers also pursue their passion, provide entertainment, inspire and set their goals to success.

I also accept guest articles and posts of topics we have here, just have a look at our categories.

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